Geotom Ltd.

Our Fleet Details

We have a fleet of vehicles available for your haulage requirements.

All are available on a regular planned haulage service within a 200 mile radius of Dartford.

Body Type
Vehicle Maximum
Load Weight
Vehicle Internal
Height Side
Vehicle Internal
Height Back Door
Vehicle Internal
Width Side
Vehicle Internal
Width Door
Internal Length
Vehicle Maximum
Standard Pallets
Tail lift typeTail lift MGWOverall height
7.5TBox2400KG2.2M2.2M2.2M2.2M6.0M10Pillar lift1000KG3.5M
7.5TBox2400KG2.09M2.06M2.2M2.2M5.9M10Pillar lift1000KG3.5M
7.5TBox2400KG2.09M2.06M2.2M2.2M5.9M10Pillar lift1000KG3.5M
7.5TCurtain2200KG2.27M2.28M2.4M2.22M6.3M11Tuck away1000KG3.6M
12TCurtain5800KG2.2 M2.2M2.4M2.24M5.5M10Tuck away1000KG3.65M
12TCurtain6300KG2.24M2.2M2.25M2.25M6.7M12Slot out1500kg3.7M
12TCurtain6200KG2.24M2.23M2.5M2.26M6.5M12Tuck away1000KG3.7M
12TCurtain5600KG2.2M2.28M2.3M2.3M6.6M12Tuck away1000KG3.7M
12TCurtain6200KG2.2M2.24M2.4M2.24M6.0M11Tuck away1000KG4.0M
18TCurtain9200KG2.37M2.4M2.35M2.33M8.2M16Tuck away1500KG4.1M
18TCurtain9250KG2.4M2.32M2.5M2.42M7.69M14Tuck away1200KG4.0M
18TCurtain9200KG2.55M2.55M2.5M2.3M8.2M16Tuck away1500KG4.00M
18TCurtain9250KG2.65M2.65M2.5M2.3M7.9M14Tuck away1500KG4.2M

If you can't see a vehicle that fits your need we work with trusted subcontractors with a wide range of vehicle type or size and cover work in all areas of the UK.

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